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WMC 2005

Travelling to Levroux


Monday 4 July 2005, by Keith Negal

To be held at LEVROUX in FRANCE between Saturday 20 August and Sunday 27 August 2005 organised by the FRENCH MICROLIGHT FEDERATION and the CLUB DES AILES MOTORISÉES on behalf of the FÉDÉRATION AÉRONAUTIQUE INTERNATIONAL.

I have just had to attend a meeting at Levroux for the FAI and I thought my travel experiences might be useful to others.

The Ryanair flight to Tours from Stansted takes about one hour and is almost free if you book early enough! Tours may take a lot of airspace but the airport itself is pretty small. If you end up at the back of the queue to have your passport checked you’ll be standing outside the terminal building, so if it’s raining it’s worth getting to the front!

A bus normally meets incoming flights and for 5€ this will take you the 10 minute ride into the centre of Tours and the bus and train stations. My flights left Stansted at 1015 and arrived at Tours at 1235 allowing me ample time to catch the 1410 bus from Tours to Chateauroux. You buy your bus ticket in the railway station. The bus journey, which cost about 16€, takes you into the competition area so you have the opportunity to identify one of two landmarks as you reach the halfway stage of the journey.

My bus arrived at Chateauroux bus and rail station and about 1630. Across the road from the rail station is a Hertz car rental office. I had booked Europcar on the Internet and the arrangement worked well. However Hertz would have saved me a walk. The Europcar office is about eight or 10 minutes away near the town centre. Close to the Europcar office is the Hotel Mercure which is probably the easiest place to stay in Chateauroux. A single room without breakfast and car parking cost me 71€. The underground car park for the hotel cost 7€ overnight. There are several very good and quite reasonable restaurants within a two or three minute walk of the Hotel Mercure, which is in the Rue Victor Hugo. I’d particularly recommend Le P’tit Bouchon and L’Escalier, which are both in the Rue du Marche but between the hotel and these there is also an Indian restaurant!

The airfield at Levroux is a 20 minute car ride away, straight up the A20 to exit 11, by the huge radio tower, and then west through the village of Brion. The village of Levroux itself seems to have a little bit since the European Championships were held there are maybe that’s just because it’s winter. All the hotels and bed and breakfasts in the area were closed and shuttered and in the end it was easiest to stay in Chateauroux. However this may not be the case in the summer.

I hope this helps someone.

Keith Negal