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Team Leaders general information

World Microlight Championship 2005

Thursday 7 July 2005, by Joel Amiable

The following document is designed to outline some of the responsibilities between individual team leaders and the organization and ensure the smoother running of the competition as a whole. Note: most of the points below are part of the rules

- 1) Briefings - only team leaders + one interpreter/pilot may attend task briefings.
- 2) Flight Recorders (FR,s) - It will be the team leaders responsibility only, to collect their pilots FR,s to and from the download office for the beginning and at the end of each task.
Return of FR,s units must be made within 45 minutes of the task window closing (unless otherwise specified on the task briefing sheet).
Team leaders must also notify the download office within this time limit, If any pilot has not returned from a task by this time.
It is the responsibility of all team leaders to make sure that the FR,s are functioning properly and are distributed among their pilots.

Some other reminders of team leader/pilot responsibilities re-FR,s :

• That the FR is switched on and functioning properly before the task begins.

• That the battery levels are adequate to fly the task.

• That the FR mounted on the pilot or machine is well position in order to get the best satellite reception. (If no data is recorded it is not the responsibility of the organization).

• That the FR,s are reset, so that there is enough room in the memory to record all the points required for the task.

• That the correct year is set and that it is set to record UTC time.

• That all pilots fly the tasks with their individually designated FR,s and no other.

Note : There have been some problems of satellite reception when FR,s are mounted on PL1s or PL2s, we suggest the use of a re-radiating antenna - fitted prior to the competition.(search web for FR re-radiating antenna)

- 3) Turn Points and photo recognitions.

• To ensure accurate scoring of FR turn points, it is advised that pilots fly directly over the turn points rather than simply enter the zones. (see annex 6 section of 10)

• In the case of photo recognitions or ground marks - They will have the same specified zones as the turn points, and should be treated like turn points. They will not be valid unless pilots fly over them and the appropriate declaration sheets are filled in.

- 4) Equipment

• Inspections and registrations take place prior to the competition.
As specified in the local regulations, once an aircraft has been inspected and approved by the organization. No changes other than to the propellers and emergency parachutes, can be made until the end of the competition. This especially includes any additional fuel tanks!

• The range of all the paramotor classes shall have have a still air range of not less than 100Km (ection 10; 4-13-4)

• Competitors receive their contest numbers at registration and will need them before inspection.

• Inspections include the wing and the motor units.

• Numbering of equipment includes wing, motor unit, helmet and FR.


It’s the responsibility of all pilots and team leaders to know the following:
Section 10 & The local regulations

Team Leaders Bulletin 2

Document prepared by :

• Joel Amiable

• Mike Campbell-Jones

• José Luis Esteban