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Synergy Paramotors

An original concept. Less is more, simpler is better and lighter !

Friday 30 May 2008, by Marc salama

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The Synergy is a paramotor whose concept is the simplification, it has the lowest amount of parts and rarely needs replacement : engine, propeller, frame, cage, netting, fuel line, fuel filter, fuel clamps, fuel caps or plug, spreader bars, carabiners, harness, wheels, fuel level indicator, thumb throttle control, pull start system, velcro straps, vent valve, 9 V battery. A total of 20 parts. Finally a product without planned obsolescence that protects the pilot and resists high impacts ! It is a french, Claude Fiset, exiled in California who is the inventor.

A product without planned obsolescence that protects the pilot and resists high impacts !

The Synergy paramotor was designed in 2001 and has evolved significantly in recent years. The innovations are important:

- The chassis, made of 2.5" diameter aluminum tubes protected by wheels, is at the same time the reservoir of gasoline and contains 8 litres.
- The centre of gravity is at its best point, which facilitates the transport, takeoff and landing.
- The cage allows the use of a 50" propeller and is reinforced in the lower part with 3 1/8" thick tubes, which increases the resistance by a factor of 10. With this system, there is no chance that the propeller impacts the gasoline tank, and you may never break a propeller again.
- The harness system includes an airbag and it is very easy to remove for those who want to make kite or free flight. With the lifting attachment points down, take-offs are facilitated.
- The gas control is activated by pressing with the thumb which improves all phases of flight. This patented thumb activated throttle and cruise control is also available for left handed pilots.
- It is very easy to assemble (splits in 5 parts), built to last, and virtually maintenance free.

- Weight = 50 lbs = 22,7kg
- Power = 120 to 160 lbs = 18 CV (Snap100) to 24 CV (Cmax)
- Consommation = 1 gallon = 4 to 5 liters per hour
- Max speed = 31 M/h = 50 km/h
- Payload > 300 lbs >136 kg

Synergy Paramoteur
Un concept original où le chassis est aussi le reservoir
Synergy Paramoteur
Accroche pour sellette
Un controle des gaz par pression du pouce
Une nouvelle poignée originale mise au point par Synergy Paramoteur
Contrôle des gaz par pression
S’adapte facilement aux gauchers
Synergy Paramoteur
Un centre de gravité étudié pour un vol amélioré, mais aussi plus de facilité au décollage et à l’atterrisage
Synergy Paramoteur en vol
Point de remplissage du chassis-réservoir
Un concept qui améliore la sécurité en vol
Claude Fiset, franco-californien, concepteur des paramoteurs Synergy
La sellette de parapente incorpore un airbag

Informations source by Claude Fiset from Uptimal (Californie)

View online : Uptimal