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WMC 2005

New Classes - Task 08

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Friday 26 August 2005, by Marc salama

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4th New Classes World Championship

Courses Director : Mike Campbell Jones.


To fly to the greatest number of declared turnpoints within the time window and return to the deck.


Pilots must declare the list of turn points in the order that they will fly them. Each point may only be visited once.

Pilots will hand their declaration to their team leader to give to the designated admin marshal at the take off deck, before takeoff.
Pilot then executes a precision take off.

Pilot then flies through the official start time gate G3 where his/her task time starts. Please note no-fly zones in gate information sheet.

Pilot then flies the sequence of declared turn points and returns to the airfield flying through the official finish time gate G2 where his/her task time ends [1 1/2 hours are allowed for the flight between start and end gates.]

Pilot then lands at his/her designated landing deck.


Ntp = Number of turn points correctly flown

Etp = Number of errors (discrepancies between points declared and points flown)

Et = Excess flight time (number of seconds exceeding 1 1/2 hours between start and end gates).

TO = Standard precision take-off score:

250 points for a clean take off at the first attempt

170 for the second

90 for the third

zero for the fourth or more

Qt = 100 * (Ntp - Etp) - Et (minimum score is zero)

Q = Qt + TO

P = 1000 * Q / Qmax


Landing out scores 0.

Landing outside of the designated deck but within airfield boundary: 20%

Flying no-fly zones: 50%