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WMC 2005

New Classes - Task 06

Speed triangle and out and no return

Wednesday 24 August 2005, by Marc salama

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4th New Classes World Championship

Courses Director : Mike Campbell Jones.


With limited fuel, to fly around a circuit in the shortest possible time, and then, with the pilot’s remaining fuel, fly in a given direction as far as possible.


Fuel quantity allowed: 6 litres.

Part 1: Speed. The pilot takes off and flies through the designated time gate (G1) where his time is noted. The pilot flies to points 103, 107, and back to G1.

Part 2: Distance. The pilot then flies in any direction to a point of pilot choice, and lands.


- Land out before completing part 1: Score zero.
- The speed triangle must be completed in order to get any score in the second part. Should a pilot miss some point in the triangle, he will be scored the second part only if the point was missed by going round on the outside.


- T = The pilot’s time,
- Tmin = The best time (Part 1)
- D = The pilot’s distance from designated time gate to the outlanding place.
- Dmax = The greatest distance (Part 2)
- Pilot score =

Special notes - Air space

Please make sure that your pilots have fully read and understood the air charts relating to the areas they are likely to fly. Any reported air space infringement will score zero on the economy part of the task.