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WMC 2005

New Classes - Task 05

Precision circuit SHORTin the shortest time (Clover leaf slalom)

Wednesday 24 August 2005, by Marc salama

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4th New Classes World Championship

Courses Director : Mike Campbell Jones.


To strike a number of targets laid out in a given order in the shortest possible time and return to the deck.


4 pylons 2m in height are laid out at the corners of a 75M square. A fifth target is set at the centre of the square.

The pilot enters the course into wind and strikes the target T (strike 1). At this point the clock starts. The pilot flies around pylon 2 and returns to kick the stick T (strike 3), he then flies around pylon 4 and returns to kick the stick T (strike 5). This continues until all four pylons have been rounded. The clock stops when target T is kicked for the last time (strike 9).

Special rules

* A valid strike on the target T is one where the pilot or any part of the PPG or PL1 has been clearly observed to touch it. With PL2’s The target T is replaced with a 4m X 4m mat and the PL2 must do a touch & go across the mat.

* To count as a strike, the pilot’s body must be clearly seen to round each pylon and pylons 2 & 8 must be rounded in an ANTI CLOCKWISE direction and pylons 4 & 6 must be rounded in a CLOCKWISE direction.

* A strike on target 1 starts the clock, a strike on target 9 stops the clock.

* Pilots may have only one attempt at striking each target except for the first and last targets where three attempts at each are permitted.

* Failure to strike the first or last target or round at least one pylon or touch the ground at any point between them: score zero.

* The grid may be opened up to max. 100M at the briefing if the meteorological conditions dictate.`


- NQ = The number of targets struck by the pilot
- Sp = The pilot’s elapsed time in seconds between striking target 1 and target 9
- P =

Start order

Reverse championship order.