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WMC 2005 New Classes - Paramoteurs

New Classes - Task 04

Navigation with constant speed legs

Tuesday 23 August 2005, by Marc salama

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4th New Classes World Championship

Courses Director : Mike Campbell Jones.


Pilots execute a standard precision take off and then leave the airfield through the designated official gate.

Then fly a course along a specified sequence of turn points, at a constant speed along each leg. Return to the deck or land at a specified out-landing.


The team leaders hand in the supplied declaration contracts to the admin marshals for each of their pilots at the specified takeoff decks. (Declarations are accumulated times in seconds)

The pilot executes his precision take off and flies through the specified official gate.

Then the pilot flies the course at his/hers chosen constant speed along each leg.

(the chosen speed may be different between legs)

During which the pilot passes through 500m wide hidden time gates.

Pilots then returns to the specified landing deck.

TP-1 -> TP-2 -> TP-3 -> TP-4 -> TP-5
Time @ start = 0 NavHidden time gates Declared ETA Nav Hidden time gates Declared ETA Nav Hidden time gates Declared ETA Nav Hidden time gates Declared ETA

Special rules and penalties

Circling in the timed corridors, 50% penalty.

Not flying through the official gate, 20% penalty.

Landing outside the specified deck or outlanding, 20%.


Each hidden time gate scores 180 points

There will be a time estimation @ each gate based on the individual pilots declarations. Each second of error in the actual crossing time subtracts 1 point.

- GS = Gate score = 180 - Error in seconds (+/- 5 secs)
- TO = Standard precision Take off
- Q = Sum of GS + TO
- P = 1000 * Q / Qmax