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WMC 2005 New Classes - Paramoteurs

New Classes - Task 03

Economy, Navigation with bonus

Tuesday 23 August 2005, by Marc salama

4th New Classes World Championship

Courses Director : Mike Campbell Jones.


Take off and fly as many turn-points as possible with a limited amount of fuel. A bonus score will be given for returning to the airfield after visiting more than 3 turn-points.


Take off within the window allowed and leave the airfield through any of the three official gates (G1, G2, G3).

Pilot will then fly a course collecting as many turn-point as he/she can. Each turn point can only be visited once

After collecting at least three turn-points, the pilot may fly back to the airfield and cross any of the official gates in any direction. This will award him/her a bonus score. In order to obtain a new bonus score, the pilot must fly at least another three turn-points and cross one of the official gates.
Upon returning to the airfield for landing the pilot must cross any of the official gates and land within the PPG airfield boundaries.

Special rules

Should pilots need to cross the classic classes runway between the hours of 8:00 and 9:30, this must be done at an altitude exceeding 300 m AGL. This will be treated like a no-fly zone.


- Infringement of any no fly zones result in 100% penalty.
- Exceeding the window time, 100% penalty.
- Landing out, 100%


- Ntp = Number of turn-points correctly visited
- NtpMax = Maximum number of turn-points correctly visited by any pilot
- Qtp = 1000 * Ntp / NtpMax
- Nb = Number of bonuses collected.
Each bonus awards a 10% increase in the TP score (1 bonus, 10%, 2 bonus 20%...)
- Q = (1 + Nb * 0.1) * Qtp
- P = 1000 * Q / Qmax