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New Classes - Task 02

Precision take-off and landing

Monday 22 August 2005, by Marc salama

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4th New Classes World Championship

Courses Director : Mike Campbell Jones.


To make a clean take off at the first attempt in the deck, and subsequently land as near as possible to a point.


The pilot is permitted four takeoff attempts, climbs to 500ft overhead the target, cuts the engine before passing through a gate and tries to make a first touch as near as possible to the centre of a target consisting of a series of concentric circles.

Special rules, takeoff

Takeoff in current championship order. Pilots should NOT start to take off until they are sure a marshal is watching, knows who they are and has given the signal to start. Penalty for "delaying" takeoff (more than 20 min on the deck or the seventh in order below pilot’s position has taken off) 20% takeoff score.

The pilot scores 250 points for a clean take off at the first attempt, 170 for the second, 90 for the third, zero for the fourth.

Special rules, circuit

The circuit to be flown to the targets will be detailed at briefing. The gate is overhead the landing target whilst flying into wind.


1 Minute MINIMUM engine off time before landing. (Penalty 20% landing score).

Special rules, Landing

The first touch of the ground or the football by the pilot’s foot is the point from which the pilot’s score will be derived.

Contestants will be awarded a zero task score for:
- The pilot or any part of the aircraft touching the ground outside the deck while undertaking the task.

Contestants will be awarded a zero landing score for:
- Engine not stopped before the gate.
- Gate not passed correctly.
- Falling over as a result of the landing.


Pilot score :
- Bto = Pilot’s takeoff score.
- Dmin = 15 - the closest distance to the target achieved by any pilot.
- Dp = 15 - the pilot’s distance to the target (>15 m = zero landing score)

Provisional scoring

Provisional scoring PF1
Provisional scoring PL1
Provisional scoring PL2