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WMC 2005

Levroux 2005, site for the Xth World Microlight Championship

Press release in english

Sunday 3 July 2005, by Denise Lacote

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The Club of "Ailes Motorisées", under the responsibility of the French Motorised Microlight Federation (F.F.P.L.U.M.) organises from the 20th until the 27th of August 2005 the 10th World Microlight Championships. The closing ceremony will be held august 27th. 2005 is also the year of celebration of the centennial of the International Aeronautical Federation.

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10th WMC 2005


In the centre Region of France, the club "Ailes Motorisées" is situated in the heart of the Champagne Berrichonne Area, 3 hours away from Paris by the A20 Motorway exit n°11 and 20 km North of Châteauroux.

Under a mild oceanic climat, surrounded by vast fields of crops and in a territory that spans over more then 320 hectares, the Club Ailes Motorisées disposes of:

- a 950 m x 20 m runway covered with grass ideal for planes and Microlights.
- a 300 m x 20 m grass runway dedicated for Microlight Planes
- a large taxiway linking the runway to all installations: hangars, club-house, work shops and mini square.


(Association Law 1901)

The club « Ailes Motorisées » has been founded in 1992 by Mr Michel Lacote, Président and Instructor from 1989 to 2002, and Mr Jean-Claude Renault, in charge of pedagogy, only instructor allowed to give a training certified by the SFACT. Mr Zenon Gajewsky was soon to join him as multi axes instructor in 2004.

Since the 16th of June 2002, the Club "Ailes Motorisées" is presided by Mrs. Denise Lacote. She is also in charge of the accounts, general secretary and Président of the Sportive Commision in the FFPLUM (Fédération Française de Planeur Ultra Léger Motorisé).

Multi axes Microlight Certificats and Licences are delivered by the Club as most other authorisation like aerial work, aerial photography, low flying and other levels of competence.

On the 23 of marsh 2004, the national commission has awarded the Club with the FFPLUM label for the training of classe III (Multi-axes) microlight pilots.

Furthermore, on the 23rd of April 2004, the General Direction of Civil Aviation, service of the aeronautical Training and of technical control, has homologated the Instructor Training course in Microlight Multiaxes.

The Club « Ailes Motorisées » has to this day 76 members amongst which about 10 young pilot students each year.

The site activity concerns Multi-axes, paramotors, ascending parachutes.


Club pilots have already participated to many "round of France Tour" in Microlight.

- 1 crew in 1998
- 2 crews in 1999
- 3 crews in 2000
- 4 crews in 2001
- 6 crews in 2002
- 1 crew in 2003
- 2 crews in 2004

Nicolas RYNINE, jeune breveté du Club des Ailes Motorisées, a participé en 1998 à l’international Air Cadet Exchange en Turquie, lors du centenaire de l’aéro-club de France.

Thomas BERTARD, jeune breveté du Club des Ailes Motorisées, a participé en 2003, à l’international Air Cadet Exchange en Autriche.

Patrick NAUBRON s’est classé 1st aux championnats de France 2000 en multi-axe single seater et 7ème aux championnats d’Europe 2000 en multi-axes tandem.

L’crew Sébastien MERY - Yann DUPUIS, a participé en 2004, aux championnats de France en multi-axes tandem compétition et s’est classé 3rd dans sa catégorie pour une première participation.

L’crew Thomas BERTARD - Jean-Marc BAUDOIN, a participé en 2004, en multi-axes tandem, au tour de France ULM, et pour une première participation s’est classé 5ème de sa catégorie.


Every year the Ailes Motorisées Club organises open days and meetings with other associations:
- National and regional Microlight Clubs
- Vintage vehicles Clubs
- Motorcycle Clubs and motorcycle collectors
- Airplane model clubs
- Transit crews welcoming
- Training camps of the French Team.

The Ailes Motorisées Club has a good experience in the organisation of Microlight competitions, aircraft meetings and aero modelism events.

- Organisation of the first Broussard and Vintage planes Meeting in 1992 and 1993.
- Co-organiser of the 1994 French Ascending Parachute championships.
- Organising site of vintage gliders reunions et welcome party for the Desdales Association in 1996
- Lap of the Microlight around France Tour in 1997 and 1999
- Organising site of the 1999 and 2000 French Championships
- Organising site of the 2000 European Championships (14 countries), 167 competitors and 116 teams.
- Since 3 years, the largest existing aero models have been displaying in the Club.
- From the 20th to the 27th of August 2005, we will organise the World Microlight Championships, for the centennial year of the FAI.


An 8 hectares lawn field will be the site where competitors, their families and material will be staying.

The camping site created fro the occasion will offer all necessary commodities: toilets, showers, water and electricity...

During their stay services will be on offer to the visitors and pilots: post office, bank, telephone boxes, Internet, Fax, tourism information desk, local gastronomy...

Catering will be insured starting from 6 am until nightfall.

Levroux, small village close to the competition site (4 km) also has many shops offering a wide range of services.

Volunteer workers of the Ailes Motorisées Club will be at the service of pilots and their families to help them during their stay , before and after competitions, in order to insure a friendly welcome in the spirit of all aeronautical competitions.

Aeronautical exhibitions will be presented along side the competition: hot air ballon, accro flying, model planes and kits.

Model planes work shops and other type of entertainment will be organised for children.

The site and its environment is adapted for the successful and simultaneous launch of all the tasks included in a microlight Championship.

Four grass runways of 600m x 20m will be built in parallel and perpendicularly to the main runway (950m x 20m). Therefore making it possible to run 2 different tasks at the same time.

A 3 hectare grass area will be dedicated to paramotors taking off and landing.

Levroux site map

A logistic service will be set up to welcome the competitors, to organise the tasks with GPS distribution, transport of machines and material, fuel distribution and technical control etc...

Technical areas will be made available :

- Work shop with an engineer
- Fuel/Petrol station
- Weather Forecast Centre
- HQ race and flight control quarter
- Internet Coffee
- HQ for Multi axes and Hand gliders
- HQ for paramotors
- HQ for members of the International Jury
- Surgery with doctor and emergency services
- Press room
- a logistic unabling to serve up to 6300 meals, camping site for 300 people with all commodities (showers, toilets, electricity, water, reception desk, entertainment, telephone boxes, Internet access, postal services, bank...)
- Permanent relations with institutionalised and specialised media.
- 100 volunteers all working towards the success of this event...etc.

The Club "Ailes Motorisées" will be very attentive to all the requests coming from competitors, the CIMA and the FAI.

The Club "Ailes Motorisées" is ready to respond to all your suggestions.

Our FAI reference is the VHS cassette and the F.A.I. CD concerning the 2000 European Championship (FAI Airsports Services 2000 n°4).


President of the Club des Ailes Motorisées