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General Complaint about competition & tasks in PPG

Protestation des équipes européennes de Paramoteurs

vendredi 6 août 2004, par Dani Martinez, Jérôme Pommier, Marc salama

Portugal, Castelo Branco August-06-2004

Spanish Team EMC-2004

In this document we want to complain about the different non-regular procedures and methods used by the General Organization and the Technical Director along this FAI EUROPEAN Championship. We don’t accept it as a valid FAI Championship for the following reasons :

1. Task n° 1, sunday august 1st :

- After the briefing and during the take off window the director exented the time of the window for an half hour : the original briefed time was from 7:30 am to 9:30 am, and the verbal modification was from 7:30 am to 10 am. We want to clarify that some pilots were already in the air doing the task. So those pilots did not fly under the same conditions than the others who had this information and many protests were done by many teams.
We want to cancel the validity of this task for EMC 2004.

2. Task n° 2, monday august 2nd :

- In this task the window was opened with more than 25 km/h of wind on surface, measured by an anemometer from the italian team. Only 3 pilots came back to the deck. This task was proposed for the morning at 6 am and we didn’t realized it, being obligated to wait inside the deck with all our equipment exposed to the dust and sun from 7am to 10 am, without any explanation from the marshals and because the director was not present in the field. At this day, we still have no reasonal answer about the delaying of this task.
We want to cancel the validity of this task for EMC 2004.

3. Task n° 3, tuesday august 3rd :

- In this task there was a turn point number 35 without a correct position in the map given at the briefing by the director. The correct position was 800 meters away to the North in the map. So calculations of the flight timings and speed were completely impossible and false for pilots, who are going to obtain very different scorings due to this wrong position.
We want to cancel the validity of this task for EMC 2004.

4. Task n° 5, thursday 5th august :

- For this task : The fueling was not correct as rules says because the marshals were not in sufficient numbers for making all the work required for the machines. 1 hour after the fueling, the team leaders and assistants of many teams had to seal the fuel tanks themselves as required by one of the marshals inside the deck only a few seconds before starting the task.
- After take off, the director has communicate to the Team Leaders that the MLR flight recorders will not be able to record more than 8000 points of tracking and timing, which means no more than 4 hours 25 minutes of flight. So, the pilots who took more than this time did not get any track recorded in the beginning of their flights because the machine erased automatically those points. Also, the marshals did not write the time of take off of the pilots, so they used the time given by some team leaders.
We want to cancel the validity of this task for EMC 2004.

5. Multitask : Grand prix, thursday 4th and friday august 5th :

- The task 1 was not a task, but only a part of the multitask.
- This multi task was a odd way to validate the championship without the sufficient number of marshals to control the task. The Czech Team Leader was in charge of giving permission to take off to the pilots (green flag) from the desk, the member of the international jury (Tom Gunnarsson, USA) was in charge of the control of the timing in the fast-slow part of the multitask, one member of the austrian team and his wife were in charge of the target for the precision landing. They did not check if the pilots did respect the minimum of 60 second or 150 meters of height before cutting the engine. The fast and slow leg was in the rotor area, the japanese slalom was in a inclinated and unsafe place. The spot landing target was much too close from the take off deck and the japanese slalom approach. A pilot of the Czech team had an accident and no ambulance or any assistance were present in the airfield.
We want to cancel the validity of this task for EMC 2004.

6. For all the tasks and during the Championship we did not have any correct scoring on time, as says the rules. At this point, we were doing the 5th task without knowing the provisional scoring of the 2nd task !
We want to cancel the validity of this championship as FAI EMC 2004.

7. At day thursday 5th, during the morning all the official marshals resigned because of the tension and material and logistic problems generated during the competition. So the event was not anymore under the FAI rules because the minimum number of persons in the staff was not present. After this, the International Jury FAI took the decision to replace the current PPG director Mr. Mike Campbell-Jones by the member of the Jury Mr. Keith Negal. Mr Negal did a briefing on the evening giving the minimum instructions and demonstrated his lack of knowledge of the PPG discipline, being himself a classic class CIMA member. He officially asked to all the teams interested to help validate this championship anyway without trying to know if the volonteers had the right competences and the knowledge of the rules.
With all our help and good will he has not been able to validate the 6th task.
We want to cancel the validity of this championship as FAI EMC 2004.

8. During the singular way to run the task on friday august 6th in the morning, some pilots of the teams from Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Italy decided to not participate in the task and went personnally to the airfield to protest in a pacific way about the unlawful way to run this task and force the validation of the championship. After this, some pilots showed some unfair play. Marc Salama, from the FFPLUM staff, has recorded on video the meeting when the main directors Mr. Carlos Trigo and Mr. Keith Negal made an apology for all the disfunctionments and wrong decisions that occurred during the championship and they recognized that the championship would be unvalidated. Later, during the afternoon and under the pressure, they gave to some teams a letter, dated of the day before (05-08-2004), about their intentions to validate again the championship, and giving instructions for the next day, saturday 7th.
We want to cancel the validity of this championship as FAI EMC 2004.

9. Flying preparation : At some moments, we did not have any windsock fixed in the official deck to show the wind conditions to the pilots.
We want to cancel the validity of this championship as FAI EMC 2004.

10. Camping conditions

- The conditions on the camping site was unacceptable, due higienic problems.
We want to cancel the validity of this championship as FAI EMC 2004.

Conclusions :

It is unacceptable that a member of the FAI Jury, who knows very well all the rules, accepts and contributes to the validation of this unlawful competition.
It is also unacceptable that the PPG discipline lacks as much means and care when we all know that 2/3 of the competition income comes from its competitors.

This document (which is already supported by many pilots and teams) and the video of the meeting recorded on the field, will be published on

Signed by the team leader of the PPG Spanish Team in representation of his team and all the pilots & teams represented in the competition.

Mr. Ramon Lopez
Team Leader of the Spanish competitors.
Castelo Branco, Portugal at 23:30 hrs of 06 august 2004

Demonstration of the PPG competitors.

After 6 terrible days on the PPG field and organization, negociations started on 2004/08/06 at 10H08 ending at 10H40 Portugal Time, on the Classic Classes take-off deck...

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