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GPS Flight recorders

Team Leaders bulletin

Thursday 7 July 2005, by Joel Amiable

The MLR SP24XC, the only currently CIMA approved GPS flight recorder (FR) is now out of production and difficult to obtain. Although there is at least one FR manufacturer in the process of obtaining CIMA approval this will not solve the short-term problem that all pilots must have a FR at WMC Levroux.

CIMA has therefore granted a one-off special authorization for this championship that competitors may use certain non-approved GPS’s as their FR should there not be enough approved FR’s available for all competitors.

The championship organization has tested and chosen three specific models that are easily available: The Garmin Foretrex 101, 201 or the E-trex. They must be provided by the competitor, no other makes or models are acceptable.

Subject to a pre-championship inspection, these FR’s will be used under the following conditions:

- 1) It must be in a competitor-supplied rigid box that is easy to seal and is completely opaque.
- 2) Both the FR and the rigid box must be clearly marked with the pilot’s name, team and competitor number.
- 3) It will be the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that the FR is configured to record in the following settings:
- a. Datum: WGS84
- b. Time: UTC (local time - 2h)
- c. Fix recording frequency: Continuous; every 5 seconds or better. (Not every n metres travelled).
- 4) The FR’s memory must not contain anything apart from the recorded track. This means there must be no waypoints or routes, or other features whether or not associated with them such as alarm settings, in the FR’s memory either before or after a task is flown.


Under the supervision of a designated marshal at the take off deck it will be the responsibility of the competitor to switch on and place the FR in the rigid box. The marshal will then seal the box. (This same marshal will also be available to seal mobile phones and/or secondary FR’s).


If the FR is configured with an unspecified setting (datum, time, fix frequency, waypoint, route, or any other setting that the Championship Director may notify): Zero task score.

If the seal is broken, then the competitor will receive at minimum a zero task score. It is also possible the competitor could fall foul of local regulations rule 1.10.11 ELECTRONIC APPARATUS: Radios, VOR, GPS and similar electronic navigation aids are prohibited. The normal penalty is disqualification from the competition.

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