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WMC 2005

Classic Classes - Task 7 and 8

Six metre box

Wednesday 24 August 2005, by Marc salama

10th Classic Classes World Championship in Grange Dieu, France.

Courses Director : Robert Keene.


To touch down the main wheels in the highest scoring 1.5 metre section within a 6 metre x 10 metre box

Competitors must overfly the box at 500 feet in the direction of the T to enable the marshals to note your number. Then descend in the direction briefed, to attempt a touch down in the box.

Any touch before or after the 6 metre box will score zero.

Any missed approach also will score zero unless on safety grounds

A touch on the line will score the higher of the two boxes.

A minimum of 5 marshals will judge the box and their decision is final.

There will be no judging of any landings using video recordings.