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WMC 2005

Classic Classes - Task 6

Mystery Zones

Wednesday 24 August 2005, by Marc salama

10th Classic Classes World Championship in Grange Dieu, France.

Courses Director : Robert Keene.


To follow a series of headings, finding markers and locating their positions on a map. Some of these markers will indicate a change of heading. There will be hidden gates along the track. The task will finish with an out landing


Competitors will be given:

Map with initial trackline drawn on.

Sealed envelope with destination.

Competitors will take off from a 100 metre box and fly along the given track, where they will find a marker in the shape of a vowel (A,E,I,O,U). The position of this marker must be plotted accurately on the map.

The competitor must then use the position of this marker as the centre, and draw a circle of 2.7 nautical miles in diameter using the washer provided.

Within this circle will be found more markers in the shape of consonants (non vowel letters) These again must be marked accurately.

The competitor must then refer to the Marker Key below, and draw a heading from the centre of the circle, (the vowel letter.)

- Marker O: 126 degrees
- Marker I: 246 degrees
- Marker E: 227 degrees
- Marker U: 196 degrees
- Marker A: 089 degrees

This trackline must then be flown until a second vowel is found and this process must be repeated with another search zone and markers to follow.

Finally from the centre of the second circle a trackline must be drawn and flown and when the competitor has flown a total of 49 nautical miles from Grange Dieu they should be at a landing field no more than 90 minutes from Grange Dieu

They must carry out a precision landing. (To be briefed separately).

All competitors will be given a sealed envelope with the location of this landing field in case they may get lost!

Upon landing competitors must proceed to quarantine area and must not speak with other competitors, except their own crew, until their sheets have been scored and they have left the quarantine area.


During the task competitors must not back track along the track line against the direction of the task. This does not apply within the search zones.


- Markers identified and marked within 2mm = 100 points
- Hidden gates flown through within 250 metres = 200 points


- Takeoff and landing deck penalty : 20%
- Any backtracking against the task direction : 100% if the heading exceeds 90degrees from the track direction
- Breach of Quarantine : 100%

- Marker misplaced on map > 2mm but < 5mm : No marker score
- Marker misplaced on map > 5mm : Penalty 50% of

marker score

Sealed envelope not returned sealed : 500 points

Exceeding total task time from Grange Dieu FP : 10 points/second