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WMC 2005

Classic Classes - Task 09

Precision Landing

Wednesday 24 August 2005, by Marc salama

10th Classic Classes World Championship in Grange Dieu, France.

Courses Director : Robert Keene.


The objective is for the aircraft to touch down within a marked deck, as close to the start of the deck as possible, coming to a halt in as short a distance as possible.


This task simulates a landing on an aircraft carrier deck, the deck being a deck 100 metres long and 25 metres wide. The first 25-metre section of the deck is divided into five 5 metre strips which are scored from 250 to 50 points as shown. The remainder of the deck scores 25 points. In order to score the main wheels must touch down and stay down in a particular strip and the aircraft must come to a complete halt within the 100-metre deck, as close to the start of the deck as possible.

Engine to Stop or Idle

The aircraft must approach the deck in the landing direction at a height of 300 metres. Before passing over the start of the deck the engine must be switched off.

The aircraft must then fly over the full length of the deck before starting the descending circuit.


Once the aircraft has started its final approach no deviation of over 90( from the deck centreline either in the air or on the ground is permitted. The aircraft must come to a complete standstill and must not move until instructed to do so by a marshal.


The score will be the value of the strip in which both main wheels touch down and remain in contact with the ground.

Stopping distance:

This will be measured from the end of box and the longest measurement will score 200

All other competitors will be graded from this score.

The pilot will be scored zero if:

The engine is not stopped before passing over the deck

The aircraft does not pass over the entire length of the deck before turning to descend

The aircraft turns by more than 90 degrees from the deck centreline between starting the landing approach and coming to a standstill

Any part of the aircraft touches the ground before the deck.

The aircraft does not stop within the limits of the deck.

The aircraft moves from the deck before instructed to do so by a marshal

The aircraft is unable to taxi off unaided following the touchdown although failure to start the engine will not incur a penalty