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Classic Classes Task 05

Châteaux d’eau

Monday 22 August 2005, by Marc salama

10th Classic Classes World Championship in Grange Dieu, France.

Courses Director : Robert Keene.


To fly to as many water towers (chateaux d’eau) as possible, carrying a limited amount of fuel. Three of the water towers will be compulsory timing gates which must be overflown within 10 seconds of a time predicted by the competitor.
Bonus points may also be attained by identifying the marker on a trailer travelling between junctions 9 and 11 on the A20 autoroute.


Competitors will be given:
- Their take off time as soon as fueling completed
- a prediction sheet to hand in before departure

Timing gates

- TPs 12, 19 and 17 will be the timing gates

Mobile Marker

- The mobile marker will be travelling between junctions 9 and 11
- It will take a maximum of 15 minutes to travel between junction 9 and 11
- Roger, our driver, will leave junction 11 every full hour and every half hour.
- (For instance 13:00 and 13:30.)
- He will drive at about 50 knots (110 kms/ hour)
- If there is a traffic problem on the autoroute, or with the car, the mobile marker will not score, but it is the decision of the pilot whether to aim for this marker or not.


Competitors are required to bring an empty tank to the fuel weighing area and weigh the required fuel.

- AL 2 and WL 2 will be given 15 kgs
- AL 1 and WL 1 will be given 10 kgs.

Tanks will then be labelled and placed in the fuel trailer which will be driven to the quarantine area.

Planes must be run until the engines stop, in the designated area.

When the fueling marshal is satisfied that the tank is completely empty, the marshal will escort the pilot to the fuel trailer to collect his fuel and allow the competitor to fill and seal his tank before being checked by the marshals.

Before takeoff the competitor must:

- declare the predicted time at which the gates will be overflown.
- The task will start with a Deck Takeoff and end with a Deck Landing and after completing the landing the competitor will be required to enter a Quarantine area for general examination and scoring.


Each turnpoint visited within a 250 metre radius = 100 points
Correctly identified mobile marker = 400 points
Timing gates flown over within 10 seconds = 200 points


Takeoff deck penalty 20% after grading
Landing deck penalty 20% after grading
Breach of Quarantine 100% of task
Turnpoints not overflown within 250 metres 0 points scored
Timing gate error >10 seconds from prediction 10 points/second